RAWBAR is made with plums as base, whereas
many other bars on the market are made of dates.
This gives the RAWBAR a much softer and more
enjoyable consistency, as well as a better taste.

Plums are a natural source of fibres and antioxidants.
The Brazil nuts and almonds give a high amount
of natural healthy fatty acids, as well as a high
source of selenium.

  • Balanced content of whey protein
  • High fiber content
  • High protein
  • Healthy fatty acid
  • Selenium
  • Limited content of carbohydrate

All are factors that ensure stabile blood sugar
and long satiety.

6 different flavors: Lemon-lime | Coconut
Chocolate | Licorice | Beetroot – Chili | Vanilla

*New VEGAN selection available for optimal nutrition*

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